25 Travel Tips You Need to Be a Pro-Traveler

  1. Scan your passport and send it to your own email.
    For example if someone was to steal your passport you can easily prove your identity or if you just have to show your ID and you don´t have your passport with you. Sometimes you have to leave your passport to get visa and if you want to rent a scooter or a room, you cant if you don´t have your passport. If you take a photo of your passport with your phone it almost does the same but what if you lose your phone? Email you can always open with anyone´s device. This have saved me many times.
  1. Download music & movies to your device before departure.
    You might have to travel for long hours or you might not have working internet in many places. Sometimes maybe you don´t even want to connect to the WiFi but would love to have music.

  1. Take a picture of your luggage.
    If your bag gets lost on the way, its easier to identify if you have a picture of it and it makes the insurance process easier.
  1. Exchange your money in the destination.
    In many places its cheaper. But in some situations make sure you have enough local currency to pay for visas etc.

  1. Book your flights 2-3months in advance.
    Or even earlier. This way you get the best price. 
  1. If you can, fly on weekdays.
    Many times its cheaper to fly on weekdays. Some studies show that is cheaper to fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Try to avoid holiday days and school holidays.
  1. Don´t eat near tourist site.
    Best way to find a good and a cheaper restaurant is to look where locals eat. Food prices are much more expensive in tourist area and you will also get much better cultural experience by eating locally. Walk a couple of blocks away from the most crowded area and find a place to eat.

  1. Don´t carry too much money with you.
    When you go out take that much money than you need and a little extra. Its stupid to carry a lot of money with you, especially in poor countries where you just get too much attention. 
  1. Don´t unnecessarily carry your passport with you.
    Make a copy of your passport and carry that. You don´t want to risk losing your passport.
  1. Try new food!
    Try some food even if you don´t know what it is. Try it and see if you like it. Many times the most delicious food might look very unusual for you.
  1. Visit the local tourism office.
    They will have good suggestions what to do and maybe even discounts to some places. They also know if some places are not safe to go.

  1. Learn basic phrases in the native language.
    Some places you might find very difficult to communicate with the locals so its good to know couple basics in their language. They will appreciate it and probably serve you better.
  1. Always take an extra bank card with you.
    Its always good to have a backup if something goes wrong. For example if you get robbed, bank freezes your card or ATM swallows it…
  1. Don´t miss the street food!
    If you skip the street food you miss out on culture. Its also very unlikely to get stomach illness from street food, they sell fast and are freshly made.

  1. Get travel insurance!
    This is one of the most important investment when you travel. It is something you hope you would not need but if you do, it will save you thousands, or even more!
  1. Book your accommodation but pay when you arrive.
    Its good to have a place booked for you at least for the first days, especially if you arrive late. Try to book accommodation where payment is made at the destination. 
  1. If you have a lot of money, share it in couple places.
    If something will happen, you would have a backup money somewhere else.
  1. Travel light. It will save your money and stress.
    You also probably want to buy some new things during your travels so save some space for the things you will find. 

  1. Get a no-fee ATM card.
    Especially if you travel longer, you will save a lot of money by doing this. ATM fees are many times pretty expensive.
  1. Use sharing economy.
    If you want to meet locals/new people and save money, this is a great way to do that. 
  1. Learn how to travel hack!
    Collect points and miles through your every spending and get free flights and other things. You can sign up for a couple different travel credit cards and collect miles. 
  1. Carry a small notebook and pen with you.
    You never know when you need them. I also like to make notes of my travels.
  1. Go explore places where tourists don´t go.
    This way you get better experience of the country and you learn more about the culture.  You can find yourself in adventures you could´t even dream of.

  1. Always carry a water bottle with you.
    Reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated. Many places you can refill for free so it will also save you money.
  1. Travel slow: No stress & Don´t plan too much!
    Last but not least. This is very important to remember while you are traveling. Too many plans and too much stress can even ruin your perfect vacation. You will get the best experience when you spend long enough time at your destination. Don´t make plans for every day, some days its good to just chill or do something unplanned, spontaneous.

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  1. Tiina Johanna / Kookospalmun Alla

    Totally agree with all of these. Good tips and basic, simple hacks make the travels so much easier, safer and in many ways better! 😊

  2. Tanja for Takeoff

    I agree on many things, but I think that the last one is the most important. Ofc not everyone can become fulltime nomads like us, but even on shorter trips it’s better not to plan too much.
    Things usually don’t work out as planned, so better not to stress about too much planning and keeping up with the schedule. It’s also much more fun to see what happens and where you’ll end up to just by giving it a chance.
    Oh yes, other thing I just need to mention: the local food, it’s a whole reason to travel to new places! Well, also to already known destinations.

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