We Haven’t Been Everywhere – But We’re Always Going Somewhere

Ask Us Travel & Lifestyle was started with one idea in mind. The idea that “Any trip can go from good to great, with a few key choices.”  Over time as we shared our travel experiences and learnings and those of our extended team of writers, we decided to start sharing some of our favorite style tips and product recs.

We strive to cultivate some of the most enthusiastic and resourceful travelers around the globe to bring to you a wide variety of popular destination suggestions, travel logistics tips, lodging recommendations, beautiful points of interest and more. It’s our goal to arm you with new ideas, to inspire you with destinations you never considered and to even give you the confidence to take a risk on a location outside of your norm. 

On top of all that our extended team of writers love to share their favorite outfits, services or other great finds worth exploring. We haven’t been everywhere, but we’re always going somewhere.

Ask Us Travel shares with our growing community amongst a number of platforms. Outside of this website, you can find us active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest sharing travel content hopefully that helps you with your next trip. As always if you have any questions, drop us an email or a DM and if we can offer you some quick advice, we would be glad to help. 

Our Lead & Guest Bloggers are a special part of the Ask Us Travel Team. Over time as Ask Us Travel’s community of followers and friends has grown, we’ve expanded our guest bloggers to include many elite travelers with a variety of passions. Whether is nature and hiking… Luxury or spa visits… relaxation and quality cuisine…  we have a wide variety of trusted explorers to bring great travel ideas and tips to our community.

Ask Us Travel: Founders

WlkinGingerly & MidwestFamilyWanders

Two college friends with a passion for world travel, beautiful sites, and memorable experiences decided to start documenting their adventures.  

Whether it’s traveling on a quick weekend girls trip, doing joint trips with their families, or traveling with only their immediate households, these two have learned many lessons they love to share. 

These two love to try new things. Their posts will give you insight to adventures in nature, relaxing beach trips, explorations of new cities and luxurious spa trips. 

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