AUT Style Series: Easy Summer Dress

This might be an unpopular opinion…but I can’t stand influencers who share what seems like a MILLION products and outfits. I mean…WHERE are these people going that they are wearing all of these outfits? And if they aren’t wearing them, WHY would you recommend them? Here at Ask Us Travels we want to share a few pieces that we wear on repeat and hope you find new ways to breathe some life into your wardrobe. Our content for these are not sponsored but we do get quite a few DM’s and emails asking for links and outfits for upcoming trips so we thought it might be helpful! We also are sharing some of our pieces again because HELLO, it’s not normal to buy 999 pairs of nude sandals or a different handbag with literally EVERY outfit.

Dress: Old Navy
Just being honest, it has been awhile since I have been in an Old Navy but I needed a dress to wear to a picnic after work on a Friday and I wanted something new that was affordable. I found this dress on sale for under $40 and figured I would take a chance. I am so happy that I did! It is a comfortable and breathable fabric and has a flattering silhouette. It is billowy without overwhelming and I can style it a lot of ways! I have it shown here on my way out to a baby shower and I will share pictures of how I styled it with a jean jacket and sneakers soon!
Cost: $45 (I got it on sale for $39.97)

Shoes: Tony Bianco (Ordered from Revolve)
I have shared these shoes before but to recap:
These neutral, open-toed shoes are so comfortable despite having a 4” heel! The square toe makes them feel more modern and they can be dressed up or down. I did read some reviews beforehand that said the leather digs into your foot but I did not feel that way! I have worn these shoes on multiple date nights and they are holding up well!
Cost: $181

Bag: Amazon
I have shared this bag before as well but to recap:
I bought this handbag back in 2018 and I still use it during the spring and summer months. For the price point, it is excellent quality and has held up well. I bought the small size (truth…I really HATE bulky handbags) and it is large enough to fit my wallet, keys, and small makeup bag.
Cost: $37.99

Earrings: J.Crew
I love a good statement earring and these J.Crew earrings are adorable. I have had these for years but I did include a pair linked below that I think would be super fun for summer. These pineapple earrings are great but let’s be honest, they don’t go with every summer outfit so they are not the most practical thing I own!
Cost: $88 (Wait until they are 50% off)

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