AUT Takes On Peek’n Peak: Told from a Noob

It’s all I wanted for my 38th birthday…and my 37th birthday…and my 36th birthday. I can literally count the YEARS that I have asked my husband to take me skiing for my late February birthday. It is completely true that we have always had something going on but this year he cleared his schedule to take me skiing at Peek’n Peak in Clymer, New York.

To be completely honest, I did have about a 4-hour exposure to skiing the weekend before (I fell an INSANE number of times) and I watched countless videos on YouTube to help prepare me for our quick day trip to hit the slopes. If you have never gone skiing before (regardless of your age) I am here to encourage you to give it a try. Below, you will find a few things we did to make sure I was comfortable and a few things that we are planning on doing the next time we travel back to Peek’n Peak (which is 100% happening, likely this season!).

What I Wore:

One of my friends told me, “There is never bad weather, only bad gear.” This line has stuck with me and I was determined to make sure that I wasn’t cold. For my base layer I layered a tank top, long sleeve tee, and a North Face Fleece and paired that with fleece lined leggings. I did borrow a few things from a girlfriend who is a top-notch skier (thank you, Kori!) because I wanted to have the BEST outer gear possible. Kori lent me ski socks (would highly recommend), O’Neill ski pants, a Stoic ski jacket, goggles, helmet and some insanely warm mittens. Shout out to her for making my first experience simply awesome! The only item I did not have was a mask to protect my face from the cold. Great news, though…the Ski Shop at Peek’n Peak had a few options and I was able to purchase one there, no problem! Feeling warm in my gear, I felt ready to tackle the trails.

An Absolute MUST for a First Timer:

Call ahead and get yourself a private lesson! This is worth it for SO many reasons.

1.)   This lesson gave me so much confidence and was the best start to the day! The instructor (Stephanie) found me quickly and spent time helping me into my boots all while explaining how the hour lesson would work and what I could expect. She was so patient and gave me excellent instruction to set me up for success the rest of the day. I can’t thank her enough! We quickly conquered the bunny hill and then took the higher ski lifts where we took on the green trails together. Stephanie did not leave my side and really provided me with practical advice that made me feel cool, calm and collected.

2.)   An added bonus to having that private lesson was I did not have to wait in the equipment rental lines. When I had called ahead to book my lesson, I gave my weight, height, experience, etc. and when I got there, all my gear was waiting. You can rent everything from Peek’n Peak (skis, boots, poles, helmet) and I was so happy to skip that line!

The Trails:

After completing my lesson, Stephanie told me that I could do any green trail and that if I felt feisty, I could attempt some of the blue trails. After heading down Friar Tuck’s Trek and Alan-A-Dale a few times, I thought I could handle the next level. Did I fall down Oxford Way and Canterbury Trail? YES. Absolutely! BUT, just like anything else you get back up and go again. By the time we ended the day, I was rip roaring through Maid Marion’s Way with the best of them!

Food Situation:

It is super important to stay hydrated while skiing and it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of time. I was lucky to have my husband and my friends there who reminded me to eat and take sips of water. I was so happy to see that cups and water were free! I know that is a small detail but I hate paying for water! We ate at the Main Ski Lodge and even though the lines were long, they went quickly. We did not struggle to find a spot to sit and relax to have our lunch. Don’t hesitate to ask a group if you can join their table where you find empty chairs. The ski culture is so nice and welcoming!

Things For the Future:

When, and I mean WHEN we return to Peek’n Peak, we would stay for at least one night. We woke up and left our house by 7:30am and we didn’t get home until 9:00pm. It was such a fun day but it was long and it would have been nice to head back our room after being on the slopes. The resort and lodge have so much charm and that’s something that I would want to explore further! The resort has an indoor/outdoor pool AND a spa that offers a wide variety of treatments. I definitely want to check that out in the future. Peek’n Peak is open all seasons and has activities for each one. I would love to go back there to golf or do the ropes course in the summer with the family, as well.

All in all, I would say this quick one tank trip was the best way to enter my 38th year AND my husband ordered me my own skis and gear! You know what that means? More ski travels and trips in the future!

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  1. Amy Kiko

    We have a condo at top of lift #3. I enjoyed reading your review, as I learned to ski as an adult too. Great tips, excited for your ski future! We love The Peak❄️

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