Long Weekend in Chicago

Making memories with my daughter and husband are my favorite parts of life. Obviously, traveling to different destinations is one of the BEST ways to do that! Every year, I try to take our daughter away (just the two of us) for some concentrated time. We visited for 3 nights over Memorial Day weekend and had SO MUCH FUN!

Getting ready to hit Michigan Avenue!

She wanted to go to a big city for a long weekend and Chicago (please don’t hate me!) is my favorite of the big cities in the United States. It is also a very short plane ride from Ohio, full of teen-friendly things to do and see…OKAY, and FINE, FINE…we were there for an event. THE COLDPLAY CONCERT!!!

Gorgeous view

what we did:

My daughter is at the age where fashion is EVERYTHING to her and we definitely took some spending money for Michigan Avenue and the surrounding streets. She was in heaven strolling along popping in and out of stores. She loved Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nike and Zara the best!

These high tops are BACK!

She was so responsible, rationing out her money and evaluating her purchases and wants. I was really proud of her for budgeting that way and I would highly recommend that to parents! Give your kids a dollar amount that you feel comfortable with them spending and stay firm with that parameter!

Coldplay Concert at Soldier Field:

This is the second concert I have seen at Soldier Field and the venue is pretty awesome. You are surrounded by buildings around you and the stadium is easy to navigate. There are a few considerations: 
-No belt bags/fanny packs can be worn…even as a crossbody bag. Read the rules carefully before heading to a concert or game there!
-The exit situation can be tricky because everyone funnels out the same doors and it can take awhile.

Views from inside Soldier Field

As for the actual Coldplay concert…THERE ARE NO WORDS to describe it. My daughter looked at me after the first song and I could see the look of disbelief on her face. I realize that I am a superfan, seeing them live all across the US since college but seeing them with my daughter was extra special. Moral of the story? Get the tickets to the concert and make that memory.

Waiting for Coldplay to take the stage at Soldier Field!

Exploring the City Streets:

The hustle and bustle and the architecture are the two things that my daughter loved the most! Get out and get your steps in for the day! If it is your first time visiting Chicago, you have to go to The Bean! It’s basically a right of passage.

The Bean in Millennium Park

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago:

My daughter LOVES Nick Cave…like LOVES so when we were looking for things to do in Chicago, I saw that he had an exhibition at MCA. We spent a lovely morning, looking at contemporary works of art and discussing their meaning. After all, she is basically a teenager and full of ideas and opinions and I love listening to her!

Nick Cave Exhibition

Oak Street Beach:

This is my favorite beach in Chicago because it is so close to downtown, I love the views, it is so clean…AND it is not that crowded. Literally a win all around. We took a walk on the sand, took in the views of Lake Michigan and even stopped for a snack at the Oak Street Beach Cafe.

Oak Street Beach

Blue Man Group:

We don’t have any photos because they are not permitted but if you have the chance to see this show it is highly entertaining! I think the biggest surprise for me was how interactive it is with the audience! They pulled audience members up to the stage to participate and it was super fun and engaging for all ages.

Views on Views on Views

Navy Pier:

You can’t go to Chicago without a visit to Navy Pier! They don’t call Chicago, “the windy city” for nothing! We had a blast taking in the views, eating some ice cream and playing games in 3-D! It was a great way to end our last night!

The best kinda wind at Navy Pier!

Where we Stayed:

The Gwen Hotel! We loved it so much that I wrote an entire blog post about it! Will share soon!

Brunch at The Gwen

Getting There:

You can fly into O’Hare or Midway and I think both airports are very easy to figure out! There are signs with clear directions of where to go upon landing.

Cab to the Concert!

Getting Around Town:

Highly recommend taking the train or taxis in Chicago! People in Chicago are SO nice and helpful if you are nervous about taking the train. I would say to take a taxi instead of an Uber in Chicago. What we found is that the Uber cars would take a much longer time than what was posted and were often times more expensive than a taxi! 

Out exploring Chi-Town!

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