On Island Time in Hilton Head, South Carolina

When you look at the island of Hilton Head, you have to imagine that it looks a bit like a foot. Now locate the big toe (also the most southern point) and that is where you will find South Beach Marina Village, located within the Sea Pines Resort. This family-friendly and lively area is where we called home for 5 glorious days. We had so much fun exploring it!

What We Did:

1.) The beach is incredibly clean and the water is insanely clear. We were in awe of the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises we saw each day. Honestly, our pictures could never do it justice.

We spent our afternoons down by the water, taking in the scenery and enjoying the breeze. There were also plenty of umbrellas if you need the shade.

2.) We could get everywhere on the island very easily. We rented bikes to get our bearings straight and just zipped all over South Beach Marina Village. We stopped at parks and beaches and we felt so safe doing all of it!

3.) South Beach Marina Village was created to feel like you are in a New England fishing town and the buildings and feel of the area did not disappoint.

This “town” began bustling early in the morning with coffee shops and people heading out to hike or bike and in the evening, this place was still alive with LOTS of Jimmy Buffet.

4.) There are so many activities to choose from but we decided to charter a boat and hit the water one day. We are so glad we did! It was fun to see the landscape in a different way and we saw so many people parasailing and having a great time!

5.) We also went miniature golfing at Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf! This course is elaborate haha. You basically act like Captain Kidd and Blackbeard as you make your way through caves and other landscapes (waterfalls, streams, bridges, etc.). It is so fun and definitely worth experiencing.

Where We Ate:

Obviously, you can’t go to South Beach Marina Village without eating and shopping at the Salty Dog Cafe! The food, drinks and entertainment were all wonderful! We spent 5 days in this area so we ate at the Salty Dog pretty much daily. While we enjoyed it all, we would recommend the Salty Dog Po’ Boy and the South Beach Roll. We had these more than once…or twice!

We would also recommend having dinner at Land’s End Tavern! This is one of the oldest restaurants on Hilton Head Island and was once a boat storage building. The brisket and the shrimp and grits were so good!

We also ordered pizza for takeout from Jake’s. Obsessed with the Hilton Head Islander pizza…delicious!

Also, not embarrassed at all to admit that we ate ice cream EVERY night at Salty Dog Ice Cream. The first night we were modest and split a rootbeer float. After that, game over. Each night we returned to pick our flavor and add our toppings. The lavender ice cream was outstanding if you like unique flavors!

If you are looking for a nice “beach” vacation that is relaxing but with lots to do…this is your place! If you want to check out more locations in South Carolina, head over to this article on Charleston!

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  1. Gail

    This looks like a lovely spot! And ice cream every night? That’s awesome and very much what I would do too. lol Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Jazmin

    WOw my friends live in Hilton Head and say great things about it. I got more information from your blog than them though 🙂 I hope to visit them sometime and snag one of those Salty Dog Po’boys. Sounds delishes!

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