One Day Work Trip? Carry-On Like a Pro

A few weeks ago, I flew from home to Houston and back home all within the same day…with Covid cases down and mask mandates being lifted across the country, we imagine many of you are in the same position. We thought it would be great to show a few items that we never travel without. The best part? All of these items will fit into a backpack or tote bag that easily fits under the seat!

Tote Bag Organizer:

This organizer has changed my life! It comes in 21 different colors and is under $15 on Amazon. I have several that I use for my work totes, weekend totes and shopping totes. I no longer feel like I have to dig through items that have fallen to the bottom of my bag!
Felt Tote Organizer Link

Trip Wipes:

Alcohol free and individually wrapped…we use these Trip Wipes every time we travel. They are perfectly saturated for wiping down tray tables, headrests, armrests, etc. The smell of these wipes is not overwhelming and because they come in a pack of 30, you do not feel like you are constantly ordering them!
Trip Wipes Link

First Aid Kit:

I always carry a first aid kit with me because I never want to be in a position walking into a meeting with a bloody finger or broken nail that I can’t cover with a bandaid. This is a STEAL on Amazon. 3 kits for $7?! Yes, please!
First Aid Kit Link

Amazon Kindle:

Of course I had my laptop that I needed for work but there is nothing better than having the basic Kindle on an airplane or vacation. I love to download a few books and just take some “me time” on the way to and from my destination without all the other technology distractions.
Amazon Kindle Link

Portable Charger:

With over 58,000 ratings this 2 pack of portable chargers is the real deal! With travel picking up, flights can be unreliable and I never want to be in a position where I can’t communicate with my family. These are incredible quality for the price!
Portable Charger Link

Face Oil Absorbing Sheets:

I know this is probably in my head but when I get off an airplane, I never feel like I look my best. These oil blotting sheets are a lifesaver for when you step of the airplane and need to beeline to a work meeting or lunch.
Oil Absorbing Sheets Link

Toothpaste-Loaded Disposable Toothbrush

These are fantastic to have to make sure you have fresh breath after a flight! The best part is that these are disposable and individually wrapped!
Disposable Toothbrush with Toothpaste Link

Lip Plumping Lip Gloss

With a slight tingle this is the absolute BEST lip gloss. It looks great on everyone and really helps to moisturize and make your lips look more plump! 
Lip Plumping Gloss Link

Post-it Notes and Calendar Book

I never leave home without these items. EVER. Managing life is hard and even though we use an online calendar, it is helpful to have a paper copy that I have with me at all times with Post-its that I can add events, lists, etc.
Post-it Notes Link
Calendar Book Link

Small Legal Pads

I use these small legal pads for my thoughts or longer notes that I have to take while in meetings. Also…just in case there is a technology issue, you always have to be prepared!
Small Legal Pads Link

Items Not Linked:

Burberry Tote: I have had this Burberry Nova Check Tote since 2009! The print is discontinued but the bag is still in great shape and I still love it! When I invest in a tote bag, I want it to be something timeless that will last for years and 12 years is a great run! I recently bought the St. Laurent Rive Gauche bag and will do a write-up in a few months after I have used (and abused) it!

MacBook: Work issued!

Blue Folder: I always, ALWAYS print out my confirmations (flight, hotel, car, etc.) just in case!

Hope this helps as most of us are back out there traveling again!

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  1. Nadine G

    Definitely, a few essentials in a handbag or travel tote can save the day (or life). I have my own checklist, when I leave for whatever trip. Very often I don’t need anything from my equipment myself, but somebody next to me needs help.

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