Relax and Explore in Kampot

Everything you need to know before you go to Kampot!

Kampot, riverside restaurant town south of Cambodia.

Kampot is unlike any other Cambodian city you’ll find. If you like a good food, natural adventures and historical discoveries, don’t skip over this hidden gem of a city. Kampot is also known as an expats paradise.

Three Favorite Things About Kampot, Cambodia

1. Visiting Pepper Plantations (LaPlantation)

Kampot Pepper is considered to be the best pepper in the world so the plantations are must see. LaPlantation offers you a free guided tour around their farm where you can also taste and buy all the different peppers. You can also stop at their restaurant and have lunch. I loved the whole pepper experience with a beautiful scenery. (Pepper prices there are much higher than if you would go buy from Local Market in Kampot Town)

2. Go explore Bokor Mountain National Park

Bokor National Park has so much to offer! Rent a bike and ride up to the mountain on one of the best roads in Cambodia. I love the gorgeous view while driving up when you can see the whole Kampot from different ankles. Visit beautiful temples, fabulous Casinos, hike to the waterfalls or go to my favorite spot, an abandoned church.

TIP: Behind the church you can find the most beautiful view from top of the clouds.

3. River adventures

Kampot is built on the riverside so you can find many fun activities by the river. One of the must do things is to kayak around the stunning loop on the river. I love how peaceful the environment is and from the river you can catch the best sunsets in town. But I would say my favorite activity is the waterparks by the river! (Kampot River Park and Arcadia Waterpark)

Other Activities

• Off-road dirt bike or 4wheel adventures
• Explore the Temple Cave
• Visit beautiful temples
• Go shopping at the local market
• Eat durian (It is Kampot´s icon, Cambodians say its the best here)
• Explore all the secret waterfalls
• Spend a day in a Spa by the river (Nibi Spa)
• Go see the local fishing village
• Rock climbing (Climbodia)
• Drive Jet Ski or do kiteboarding
• Paintball
• Tour French colonial mansions and ruins
• Enjoy sunset restaurant cruises on the river
• Visit Bokor Night Market
• Discover the Secret Lake
• Visit beautiful salt and rice fields
• Take a Kampot Pepper cooking class

Getting to Kampot, Cambodia

Most people fly first to Phnom Penh, where easiest way to get to Kampot is by taxi or minivan. I see it easier after long time traveling to take a taxi which will cost you only around 40usd (2-3h drive) but if you want to go cheaper you can get a minivan for 8usd (3-4h drive).

Getting Around

• Rent a bicycle or motorbike (bicycle 2usd, scooter 4usd and dirt bike 15usd per day)
• Tuktuk! Download a PassApp app to your phone and you can order tuktuk cheaper and easier wherever you are.
• Walking, if you only stay in Kampot Town

Where to Stay

The most picturesque place to stay in Kampot would be a bungalow by the river. Kampot has a variety of hotel options for everyone.

• Bamboo Bungalows (By the river, good value for the money)
• B resort (A bit more upscale, beautiful place with a lovely pool)
• Meraki (By the river with many bungalow options and excellent garden area with many activities)
• Karma Traders (Best place for sunsets, pool, nice dorm and private rooms)
• Hideaway (If you want a peaceful lovely bungalow by the river)
• Amber (If you dont care how much it costs…The most luxurious place in Kampot)

Places to Eat

Like I said, Kampot is the restaurant town of Cambodia and it has an option for every taste.

• Twenty Three (Little bit more expensive but the best restaurant in town)
• Marina (Lovely Italian restaurant where you can also buy cheese and meat)
• Burgershack (If you want the best fast food burgers, this is the place to you!)
• Simons (Best Indian food in town)
• Zipang (For Sushi lovers!)
• Delicious (Paninis and lovely cocktails)
• Ooh La La (Cheap hidden gem)
• Lemongrass (Always good Khmer and Thai food)
• Cafe Espresso (Best breakfast)

Watch Out For

• Don’t swim in the river right next to town, the water is not clean.
• Traffic might be very hectic especially on the weekends.

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