Scandinavian and Baltic Sea Cruise

Scandinavia is a conglomeration of fascinating destinations and it presents the perfect opportunity for cruising. 

Countries around Baltic Sea boast vast forests, turquoise lakes, skies sparkling with the Aurora Borealis, silent fjords and beautiful cities.

Best time to go: 

May to September when summer days are warm and long.

Destinations to Explore:

Consisting of a series of islands, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and it’s located on the east coast. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world, with several picturesque views. 

Ferries/Cruises to the Baltic countries depart from the city’s port.
Check out my Stockholm post linked here.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, located in southern Finland, right at the tip of the Gulf. It is overflowing with good food and great design, interesting museums and unique architecture.

The location of the city is ideal for cruises to travel, as Helsinki is located 80km north of Tallinn (Estonia) and 400km northeast of Stockholm (Sweden). Ferry/Cruises depart from the port of Stockholm in Sweden, Travemunde in Germany and Tallinn in Estonia.

Turku is a city surrounded by a beautiful archipelago on the coast of southwestern Finland. It is the first capital of Finland and the oldest city with a history dating back to the 13th century. You can feel the rich history of Turku while walking around the city.

Due to its location, Turku is an important commercial and passenger port city. Every year more than 3 million passengers travel through the city’s port to Stockholm and Mariehamn (Capital of Åland). Turku also receives many international passengers from various cruises.

Mariehamn is the capital of Finland’s only self-governing region, Åland. It operates under its own flag, belongs to Finland and Swedish is spoken there. Åland is a unique archipelago consisting of almost 7,000 islands and a little over 30,000 people live there. Åland has beautiful  nature, a culture colored by seafaring and countless experiences enchanting both on land and at sea.

The Finland, Sweden and Åland route are currently operated by 2 ferries/cruises, Tallink Silja and Viking Line. It’s easy to get to know the city and its port on foot, by bicycle or by bus. 

Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, this small Baltic country of Estonia is a nice destination to travel. Historical and cultural legacies from different eras contrast with Tallinn’s vibrant and creative urban environment.

Tallin is an excellent route for those traveling by cruise. Tallin and Paldiski (Viking Line, Tallink Silja, EckeröLine) offer regular crossings to Finland, Sweden and Åland. 

Beautiful scenery, great architecture, lively festivals, glamorous events, exciting nightlife, delicious food and the best beer ever – Germany has it all!

Located on the Baltic Sea, Germany offers ships arriving from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe an excellent get away to Europe. The most popular ports are Kiel, Rostock and Travemunde where ships arrive from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Norway.

Denmark is a small country but very big on culture, cooking and its coastline. It might surprise you but Denmark has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Denmark is an interesting and beautiful destination in itself, but it is also used as a transport route to other European countries such as Germany, Norway or Sweden. Its ship connections also offer excellent connections to the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Oslo, Norway’s eco-conscious harbor city is famous for its Viking and nautical history, museums, and impeccable seafood. In Oslo, you can see state-of-the-art buildings and history right next to each other. There is so much to  see in a small area.

Norway’s nature is unique and beautiful with its mountains, wild lofotens, majestic fjords and Northern Lights.

Norway is easy to visit by boat! There are regular ferry/cruise routes to Norway from Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

Cruise Recommendations:

– 4 Days Scandinavian Capitals Cruise: Explore the capital cities of Denmark and Norway.
– Take a cruise from Finland to Stockholm! You can spend a whole day in Stockholm exploring.
– Explore the fjords and more for 7 days on Norwegian Fjords or Arctic Circle cruises.

– Take a 15 day cruise to explore all the Nordic Destinations: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
– 13 Day Viking Ocean Cruise to search for the Northern Lights. 
– 1 Day comfortable cruise from Sweden to Estonia or Finland to Estonia.
– 7 Night Northern Europe cruise from Germany to Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and back to Germany.

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