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Finnish girl accumulating experiences around the world – Wild mind who loves quiet nature – I choose to live the life of my dreams and started living like a nomad – Asia stole my heart – A passion to learn about different cultures – Found my American love in Cambodia and bought a piece of land together – Always trying new foods – My home is wherever I choose to go – Beaches and exciting adventures!

Erica Wehr

I am a lover of travel and have an appreciation for a hotel with a perfect pool. Relaxing is a big part of travel, but it’s just as important to experience the local bar and restaurant scene as well as taken in some of the beautiful sites. Design and art is my passion and to learn more about that visit where you will see some of my portfolio on custom art, mix media concepts, home decor, furniture rehab and interior design. I love being a sponsor for Ask Us Travels as well as being one of the contributors!


My name is Rasa and I am a tourism graduate, travel consultant, travel writer and experienced traveler. Traveling is what makes me spiritually rich and completely happy. I have visited over 25 countries, worked in Italy and Turkey and now call London my home. I love beaches and palm trees, road trips, sunsets, seafood and hotels with massive windows. I hope you enjoy the experiences I share here on Ask Us Travels.