Product Spotlight: Invisible Glass because Cleanliness is Godliness

I know that I am a little (more like a lot) psycho when it comes to cleaning but honestly, a clean house is important to me. If I am going to spend my time cleaning, I want to use high quality products that work and don’t make me feel frustrated.

I can’t stand streak marks on mirrors, counters, furniture, etc. I just can’t. When we were down in Amish Country, this gentleman working at a furniture store told me what he called his, “best kept secret,” and he let me in on the fact that glass cleaner cuts through grease, grime, etc. It is all that they use to clean in the furniture showrooms. My brain immediately went to my holy grail glass cleaning product…could this be true? Can I use this product on more than just windows and mirrors?

The answer? YES. We buy Invisible Glass by the CASE over here and I am not ashamed of it. We use it on everything including: cars, shower doors, windows, counters, wood furniture, appliances…you name it…we use it! There was a period of time that I would have been embarrassed about this but approaching 40 has turned me even more transparent…I take this with me on car trips and vacation rentals. There. I said it.

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