“World’s Biggest Small Town” Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is known as being one of the most inclusive, welcoming cities in the world. Rich in history and architecture and built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, it has earned the nickname, “Beauty on the Water.”

Sweden’s glamorous old heart, Gamla Stan

At the heart of Stockholm, you will find  an old town named Gamla Stan, where you can travel back in time walking around many narrow alleyways. Some of the streets might look the same but you don’t have to fear getting lost because this town is located on a small island. You can easily spend a whole day (or more) walking around here.

Things to do in Gamla Stan

– Restaurants and people watching in Stortorget Grand Square, oldest square in Stockholm. But I warn you, it’s almost impossible to get a picture here without a hundred people in it! 
– Take a tour in the beautiful Royal Palace which is  built in a Baroque style.

– Admire the ancient churches!  Storkyrkan has been around as long as Stockholm and is gorgeous!
– Get lost walking the  winding cobblestone streets. Find the most narrow one: Alley of Marten Trotzig. We spent hours doing this and we still ended up finding more cute little alleyways.
– Window shopping in the little shops by the streets. Gamla Stan is full of these! Some of them are pretty touristy but you can also find some unique ones.

– Visit Gamla Stans museums. We really like the Nobel Prize Museum.
– Eat in one of the restaurants. Gamla Stan is full of amazing restaurants, but be aware, they are quite expensive.  (If you are on a budget trip, take your own lunch with you.)

Restaurant Recommendations

Barrels for Burgers, street food and quality beer. Located in one of the busiest streets, great for people watching!

Aifur Viking Tavern for amazing food and unique beer. Great Viking style experience. (Make sure you make reservation)
Restaurang Kryp In, great food & wine. Try the reindeer steak!

Other Things to do in Stockholm

– The Vasa Museum to see the famous Vasa Boat.
– Take in Stockholm’s beautiful architecture.

– Visit Drottningholm Palace (UNESCO’s world heritage) which was built in 1600. 
– Ivar Lo’s beautiful public park for the best view of Stockholm.
– Discover the Stockholm Archipelago, the second largest archipelago in the Baltic sea after Finland. (for example: day trip by boat.)

Best Time to Visit:

Summer is for sure the most beautiful time to visit and you don’t freeze!
But if you don’t want to go there during the most touristy time, September is a great option.

Where to Stay

If you are  only staying for a weekend, I would say Gamla Stan and Norrmalm are the best areas because of their location. There are many hotels and little apartments from Airbnb, so just pick one that is good for your wallet! Stockholm is surrounded by water so you can also find old unique boats to stay in.

How to Get to Stockholm

Fly in!
Transportation from the airport to Stockholm:
Train is very easy and quick. It takes only 20min but the price is almost a triple if you compare it to the bus. Bus goes every 15 minutes and takes 45min. Cost: 120-150SEK (11-15€)

-Baltic cruise.
This is a great option if you come from one of these countries or you want to continue your journey. (Finland, Estonia for the shortest cruise. Also options: Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.)

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  1. Sharyn

    I love Stockholm, particularly the old time with its skinny cobbled laneways and streets – so much character and a great city to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terri

    I absolutely loved Stockholm. I recommend visiting in December so you can get all the Christmas decorations and drink mulled wine. Magical!

  3. Agnes

    Although I have traveled a little around Sweden, I have not had the opportunity to see Stockholm because I traveled in a camper van. But it’s on my list. Mainly because it is very picturesquely situated. I did not know that it has as many as 57 bridges—great tips on what to see in Stockholm and how to spend your time there. I would love to use them on my next visit. I like your restaurant recommendations because I always have a problem with choosing a place for dinner. Hope to visit Aifur Viking Tavern and Restaurang Kryp Infor reindeer steak.

  4. Hannah

    Stockholm looks like such a beautiful place to visit! I love the colourful, iconic buildings! I hope to visit one day so will be sure to revisit your great guide – thank for sharing!

  5. Jenn

    Wow, stockholm is beautiful – definitely planning to eat at the Viking bar, that looks awesome! Also the architecture is so unique, I’d be taking photos of everything. Great post.

    1. San

      Fantastic Post. What a wonderful information you have sharing. I have never visited these places.
      Thank you for sharing 👍🙂

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