Epcot Mastered Cleanliness and Social Distancing

Let’s face it…the pandemic has just been A LOT and we were feeling itchy to get away from Ohio during our spring break and have some FUN!  After much consideration, we planned a roadtrip to Florida so we could have it all.  Beaches, amusement parks, AND endless sunshine?!  A definite win after a cold and snowy winter.

Initial Thoughts on Our Day At Disney (Epcot)

Buy your tickets ahead of time because Disney is operating at 35% capacity.  We planned our trip about 4 weeks in advance and the only tickets available were for Epcot (which was great because it’s our favorite park).  All others were sold out!

Disney has MASTERED cleanliness and social distancing during the pandemic while still maintaining the magic of the atmosphere.  Disney parks are ALWAYS clean but this time around Epcot was immaculate.  Even greater care was taken to ensure that everyone stayed safe.  Cast members were monitoring lines and gently reminding guests to stay 6 feet apart using stickers on the ground as guidelines.  Reminders of appropriate mask wearing were also located around the park with warnings of being asked to leave if masks were not worn properly.

Must See

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival:

The topiaries, gardens and flowers are simply brilliant.  Every portion of the lawns at Epcot were covered in color.  Our favorite topiaries were Donald and Daisy located near the World Showcase.

The outdoor kitchens offer food choices for everyone!  For our sit down lunch, our daughter chose the Regal Eagle Smokehouse where we enjoyed classic cheeseburgers, fries, macaroni and cheese and more.  The most refreshing taste of the day was our popsicle trio: honeydew, raspberry-mint, and coconut-lime (gluten/wheat friendly)!  We also had warm cheese strudel with mixed berries in Germany, along with frushi (strawberry, pineapple and cantaloupe wrapped in sweet rice and pink soy wrap served with whipped cream) in Japan. The World Showcase did not disappoint!

Must Do Rides

With the parks operating at 35% capacity, we never waited longer than 30 minutes for an attraction.  Our top 5 family rides are listed below:

-Mission Space (we picked the orange level this time!)
-Test Track
-Frozen Ever After
-Living with the Land

Ending Reflection

The magic of Disney is still all around you…it is just different and that is okay!  We were so happy to see the princesses being whisked around in a horse drawn carriage and waving to guests. We were relieved to see cast members singing and dancing in the streets.  Disney truly still captured the essence of creating The Happiest Place on Earth.  We can’t wait to go back!

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